Is Amber Heard lost Aquaman 2 due to Johnny Depp?

The head of DC Films testified  that the company explored replacing Amber Heard as the lead of "Aquaman 2" .

because she lacked chemistry with Jason Momoa

Heard was eventually cast in the sequel, but her attorneys claim she was almost fired as a result of the outrage after her domestic violence charges against Johnny Depp.

The abuse claims had no bearing on casting decisions in "Aquaman 2," according to Walter Hamada, the head of Warner Bros.' DC branch

Heard's team claims she was passed up for at least one other part, an Amazon project starring Gael Garcia Bernal.

Heard claims that her character has been "pared down" significantly over time, .

although Hamada testified that it has stayed unchanged since the film's inception in 2018.

For the original "Aquaman," Heard was paid $1 million, and for the sequel, she was given $2 million.

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