Apple launched iOS 15.5, and iPadOS 15.5 software updates for iPhones and iPads

The new version arrives ahead of Apple's big software upgrade, iOS 16, which will be unveiled on June 6

Feature for Podcasts: The podcasts app will now contain a setting that allows users to restrict the amount of episodes kept on their device with this new release

Apple Pay Cash: Apple Cash clients may now send or request money using their Apple Cash card through the Wallet app. there will be 'Request' and 'Send' buttons on the app.

Home App: After upgrading your iPhone to iOS 15.5, you'll see new WiFi signal bars in the Home app, allowing you to confirm that the HomePod is connected.

Even if the iPhone is in quiet or DND mode, the home app will now notify users of crucial notification alerts that demand rapid attention.

The latest iOS update, version 15.5, is accessible in the General tab of your Settings menu.

Apple iOS 15.5 update is 673MB in size.