Apply for real life Netflix's Squid Game

Prepare yourself, Squid Gamefans, for something much greater is on the way

Netflix stated the show's idea will be broken down into a reality show called Squid Game:The Challenge

Squid Game was a huge hit on the internet in 2021. The programme broke records as the most popular Netflix show in the United States."

You must also be at least 21 years old, have a valid passport, and be available for at least four weeks at the start of 2023

according to the platform's requirements. If you satisfy all of the conditions, you can fill out an application for the US, UK, or global casting

You must also submit a one-minute video explaining why you want to participate and what you plan to do with the $4.56 million cash prize

 You can apply at

Don't worry about the Squid Game's punishments: worst fate in this game is walking home empty-handed