Elon Musk, the world's richest person, agreed to acquire Twitter for $44 billion

Tesla's CEO has stated that he wants to acquire and privatise Twitter because he believes it is not living up to its promise as a free speech

Musk has recently questioned Twitter's free speech and if the network is hurting democracy.

Musk said he wants to add new features, eliminating automated "spam" accounts, and making the site's algorithms transparent.

Musk wants to add an edit button so users can change their tweets

He's recommended loosening content controls on Twitter, such as the ones that saw former President Donald Trump's account terminated.

Musk believes he can raise income by charging for subscriptions that provide a better experience for paying customers—possibly even an ad-free version of Twitter.

After the deal the NAACP issued a statement demanding Musk to deny Trump, the 45th president, access to the platform.

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