iPhones are vulnerable to viruses


Researchers from Germany's Technical University of Darmstadt published a report on iPhone.

According to them several physical components of the iPhone, including the processor, continue to operate in low power mode.

 Even when the iPhone is turned off, features like Find My iPhone may be used.

They believe that the valuable characteristic has the potential to be utilised.

When the iPhone is turned off, it remains vulnerable to viruses. According to a study, most wireless chips in an iPhone stay on even after the device is shut off.

The Find My network uses the iPhone's Bluetooth chip for geolocation, but it can't encrypt the code it executes.

. The incapacity of this microprocessor to execute malware was exploited by researchers from the University of Darmstadt

Researchers then stated that they alerted Apple of their results but received no response. This is when we decided to publish our results.