46% of US crypto investors think crypto performed worse than expected

According to a Pew Research Center, over half of Americans who have invested in cryptocurrencies believe their returns have been lower than they had expected.

Only 15% of investors believe their investments have performed better than expected, while 31% say their results have been approximately as predicted. 

The study, which took place from July 5 to 17, also reveals that the overall percentage of US adults who buy cryptocurrency has been stable since September 2021.

Throughout 6,000 randomly chosen persons from all over the United States participated in the poll by completing self-administered web surveys.

The majority of those who invested in crypto during the 2021 bubble are probably suffering right now.

Currently Bitcoin fell more than 69% from its peak to $21,403, and Ether (ETH) fell 66% from its peak to $1,640. 

In a prior poll conducted by tPew Research in 2021, it was discovered that 4 in 10 men between the ages of 18 and 29 had used crypto, as opposed to 17% of women in the same age group.

At this time the crypto market is down, so this is the right time for those who invest in crypto.

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