According to reports, Biden will extend the student loan payment pause for another four months.

The student loan payment freeze might now be extended until August 31, 2022, which is great news for borrowers

 Biden is expected to announce his fourth extension of student loan relief for more than 40 million borrowers soon, according to Politico

The White House is expected to announce the pandemic relief program's sixth extension, which will effect tens of millions of borrowers.

For student loan holders, the extension, which would be the sixth overall, implies that:

There are no required federal student loan payments, federal student loans have zero percent interest rates with no interest accrual, and student loans in default are not collected.

The student loan payment moratorium is currently set to end on May 1, 2022.

Since March 2020, when Congress approved the Cares Act, which offered historic student loan relief, federal student loan payments have been stopped indefinitely