Photo: Reuters

Oracle is accused with selling user data for billions of people.

Oracle is facing a significant lawsuit over claims that it built a network with personal information and profiles on millions of users, which was then sold to outside parties. 

According to the lawsuit, Oracle built a network containing the personal data of millions of people and uses it to earn more than $40 billion in income annually.

Allegedly included in the personal information are names, postal addresses, emails, purchase histories, location information, political leanings, and online activity.

The case asserts that this contradicts the Federal Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the California Constitution, the California Invasion of Privacy Act.

The case is based on an eight-year-old video in which the company's CTO and founder, Larry Ellison, describes Oracle's data gathering procedures and how the data is used to anticipate purchasing habits.

Former Brave browser policy officer Johnny Ryan, who currently works for the Irish Council for Civil Liberties, filed the class-action case (ICCL).

Already, ICCL has compelled technology giant like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft to alter their online advertising strategies. 

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